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Arrow 01 IconKindle Fire sales surge

Kindle Fire beat analyst sales expectations in the last quarter of 2011 with 5.5 million sold, which was 1 million more than expected... Read More

Arrow 01 IconNetflix to enter Irish market in 2012

US video giant Netflix has announced plans to expand into the Irish and British markets so you will soon be able to download TV shows and Movies directly to your Tablet... Read More

Arrow 01 IconTV3 Ireland revamps online player for tablet devices

Ireland’s TV3 has upgraded its online playing adding access for a number of smart phones and tablet devices... Read More

Arrow 01 IconSony ventures into tablet PC market with Tablet S

Sony's Tablet S is due to arrive in shops in the US, UK and Japan, as the Japanese electronics maker enters the tablet PC... Read More

Arrow 01 IconWindows 8 Tablet: Hands On

The Samsung Series 700 tablet will be coming soon, and when it does, it will have Windows 7 on-board. But Samsung likes to get products into developers' hands, as evidenced by its Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Chromebook giveaways... Read More

Arrow 01 IconBlurry photos leaked for a Dell Windows 7 tablet PC

Dell and Windows go pretty much hand-in-hand, when you think of Dell you should automatically think of their Windows-based desktops and laptops. Even with their extensive background in launching Windows-based products Dell.... Read More

Arrow 01 IconSuper-thin tablet leads tech fair

SMARTPHONES detecting bad breath and radiation, twistable remote controls and a super-thin tablet computer were just some of the gadgets showcased at Asia's biggest tech fair in Japan today.... Read More

Arrow 01 IconIndia to sell $22 Tablets to Stedents

India plans to sell tablet computers, made popular by Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPad, to schools for as low as 1,100 rupees ($22) as Asia’s third-biggest economy aims to boost computer literacy... Read More

Arrow 01 IconObama Was an iPad 2 Beta Tester

The president the press referred to as the ‘iPad-in-Chief’ has been well photographed and interviewed regarding... Read More

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