• Apple iPad 2 Header Image 01 All New Design
    All new ultra thin design.
  • Apple iPad 2 Header Image 02 iPad 2 Smart Cover
    Protects screen and offers Keyboard stand.
  • Apple iPad 2 Header Image 03 2 Cameras
    Front and back cameras offering Facetime and HD video.
  • Apple iPad 2 Header Image 04 Dual-core A5 chip
    Faster processing power.

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The Apple iPad 2 was released on the 2nd March 2011 and since its launch has gone from strength to strength. I got mine a couple of weeks after it's release in Ireland and with it being my first Tablet PC wasn’t sure what to expect. I can happily say it was worth the purchase and it’s totally changed the way I surf the web and receive emails. No more sitting behind my hefty Desktop PC, instead most of my internet surfing happens from the iPad 2 on my lap while lounging in front of the TV, or out of the house in a cafe with a Wi-Fi connection or over 3G.

So what are it’s main benefits? If you have seen the original iPad the first thing you would notice is the difference in size with the new version being substantially thinner. You also have the option of the white or black model. I decided on the white version as I think it looks a bit slicker than the black but really it comes down to personal taste. You now get a camera on the front and back which allows FaceTime video chat with other Apple users. Under the hood you get a faster processor and you can opt for the Wi-Fi only version or the Wi-Fi and 3G version. Unlike a mobile phone you don’t have a subscription for the 3G access, instead you can purchase a Pay as You Go Sim card.

On the negative there is still no Flash support which is my main gripe. Alot of websites now offer a mobile version so watching video is not an issue but many sites don’t have this option and are still no using html5 to display video content so you will have problems from time to time. Sites such as YouTube have an iPad App so you can watch these directly from the iPad itself. Also, the 4:3 aspect ratio screen has not changed so watching video usually means a black bar at the top and bottom of the screen.

All in all the iPad 2 improves in most area’s on the older model. It offers and easy to use interface, long battery life and access to the vast Apple approved App’s and of course it’s still got the cool factor.

Full Review to Follow

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iPad 2 Specifications

Arrow 01 IconDisplay

  • 9.7 in IPS TFT active matrix - LED backlight
  • Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 ( 132 ppi )
  • Touchscreen: Yes

Arrow 01 IconMemory

  • 16 GB

Arrow 01 IconProcessor

  • Apple A5
  • Processor Clock Speed: 1 GHz
  • Multi-Core Technology: Dual-Core